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Science Fueled By Innovation and Experience

MaxFlo™ Oilfield Chemical Solutions is a USA based chemical manufacturer that specializes in the development and production of specialty high performance chemicals for the Oil and Gas industries.

Our products include our newly developed patent pending Clay Secure™ which is a 100% inorganic and environmentally friendly line of clay stabilizers. Our newly developed line of zirconium chelate crosslinkers, MaxLink™ for use with guar, guar derivatives, cellulose, starch, and polyvinyl alcohol in fracturing and other oilfield applications. MaxFlo also produces an extensive line of water clarification products for various applications. Our MaxClear™ line is used in the treatment of produced water, frac water and flowback water. MaxFlo is also proud to announce our MaxCrete™ line of cementing additives which will be commercially available later in 2018.

At MaxFlo™ Oilfield Chemical Solutions, we combine advanced technologies and proprietary processing methods to deliver you the latest and best technologies for your oilfield and gas production needs. 

In the world of unconventional oil and gas resources, no two reservoirs or wells are alike. To maximize production from these distinct sources, the need for knowledge and innovation has never been greater.

MaxFlo™ Oilfield Chemical Solutions is the epicenter of this knowledge base, where cutting edge technology and leading experts converge to solve the most complex engineering challenges encountered. Reducing costs. Improving quality.