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MaxFlo is pleased to announce the launch of our MaxLink™ line of Cross-Linkers. The MaxLink™ line of aqueous zirconium chelate solutions are designed to react with various nucleophillic species such as -OH and -COOH making them ideally suited for use in cross-linked gels in various oil and gas applications including hydraulic fracturing. These versatile cross-linkers work well with guar, guar derivatives, cellulose, starch, and polyvinyl alcohols. For additional information contact Marc Muser VP Sales & Marketing at or 410-952-1555 

Clay Secure™ A100 Granted North Sea Approval
Clay Secure™ A100 clay stabilizer, developed and manufactured by MaxFlo Oilfield Chemical Solutions, has been granted approval for use in the North Sea according to The Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS).  

This highly effective, environmentally safe permanent clay stabilizer may now be utilized in North Sea drilling applications in The UK, The Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark.  Clay Secure™ A100 is supplied as an aqueous solution making its ease of use ideal for offshore work as well as on land applications. For additional information contact Marc Muser VP Sales & Marketing at or 410-952-1555